12” (approx.) pizza £8.50

10” (approx.) pizza £6.50

12” (approx.) cheesy garlic bread - £4.50

10” (approx.) cheesy garlic bread - £3.50

We use a blend of mature cheddar and mozzarella to achieve the unique Devon Woodfired Pizza flavour.

Please feel free to ask for anything to be excluded from or added to your pizza topping to suit your personal taste. Or indeed, make up your own topping combination. No extra charge!

Allergy warning: all our ingredients are prepared in a kitchen where walnuts are present. Due to the possible risk of cross-contamination, our pizzas are not recommended for people with a severe nut allergy. If you have any concerns about food allergies, please speak to our staff.

(v) = vegetarian

Vegan / Dairy Free / Gluten Free available. No extra charge.

BBQ base and/or anchovies on request. No extra charge.


Tomato sauce and extra mozzarella cheese. Simple and classic (v)

Fun Guy:

Fresh mushrooms, black olives, and thinly sliced red onion (v)

Ham & Pineapple:

Devon ham and juicy pineapple


The classic bestseller, loaded with slices of pepperoni

Meat Feast:

Devon ham, pepperoni and chorizo


Marinated Greek olives, feta cheese, mixed peppers, and fresh garlic (v)

Stilton & Walnut:

With mushrooms and black olives (v)

Bee’s Knees:

Serrano ham, feta cheese and black olives, finished with homemade chilli honey

Chicken Continental:

Chicken, chorizo and pesto

Summer Dream

Roasted cherry tomatoes, basil pesto and pine nuts, finished with fresh basil (v)