12” (approx.) pizza £8

10” (approx.) pizza £6 - For the lighter appetite!

12” Cheesy Garlic Bread £4.50        

10” Cheesy Garlic Bread £3.50

We use a blend of mature cheddar and mozzarella to achieve the unique Devon Woodfired Pizza flavour.

Please feel free to ask for anything to be excluded from or added to your pizza topping to suit your personal taste. Or indeed, make up your own topping combination. No extra charge!

(v) = vegetarian


tomato sauce and extra mozzarella cheese. Simple and classic (v)


mushrooms and (optionally) thinly sliced red onion and/or black olives (v)

Ham and... :

pineapple and/or mushrooms, olives too if you want ‘em


pepperoni sausage - add Jalapenos for an American Hot


green olives, thinly sliced red onion, capers, spots of pesto, garlic and oregano (v)


Chilies, jalapeños, red and green peppers, garlic and smoked paprika (v) or add spicy chorizo sausage for a meaty version. Have it as hot or not as you like.

Meat Feast:

Ham, pepperoni and chorizo

Stilton and Walnut:

Pieces of stilton cheese, walnuts, mushrooms and black olives (v)

Tuna & Sweetcorn:


Always changing. A different option fortnightly.